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 May 18, 2019: dmjack92.com was purchased a month ago. It is currently being constructed, so it may have limited functionality. Flash version of Fighting One Eyed Bears can not longer be updated due to flash programming software lost. The Android app version of the game can still be updated when needed. Account creation on her may temporarily not be possible on here. We are looking for an alternate solution to the problem.

 March 12, 2018: Fighting One Eyed Bears game has been put on hold until the Miyuki Robot project reaches a certain progression level. When Fighting One Eyed Bears development continues, it will most likely be for the android app version of the game since the Flash server is inaccessible at present.

 Aug 28, 2013: Rewards will be given out to the user that gets on the top high score list. Rewards are as follows: 2000 points is 15 free game coins, 1300 points is 10 free game coins, 800 points is 5 free game coins, and 400 points is 3 free game coins. Again, the user must appear in the top 5 list featured on the starting screen of Fighting One Eyed Bears. Offer expires September 28th. Account creation is required with Kattner Games. Reward only valid with kattnergames.com.

 Aug 27, 2013: Fighting One Eyed Bears now has a leaderboard! Players can now compete to see who can get the highest score. An account is required to participate. On other news, we will be continuing where we left off on our medieval game. Fighting One Eyed Bears updates will be paused starting August 31st to make time for the other game project. We will still process payments for Fighting One Eyed Bears game coins as usual and continue accepting account creation since accounts will be shared with more than one flash game. All is still good in the world.

 Aug 8, 2013: Fighting One Eyed Bears is now available on the Kattner Games website. It is no longer limited to just Facebook. Plus, it works great in Internet Explorer as well as on Google Chrome. It is highly recommended that Internet Explorer users play the game on our website instead of on Facebook unless they wish to go through extra steps to get it working on Facebook. Also, remember that you will need to create an account to play the game. We will not need much except your first name, last name, and age (to make sure you are the right age for certain games). Anybody age 8 or higher is permitted to have an account on our website (especially with parental permission), so please do not lie about your age. We will do plan to make games for younger audiences eventually - no worries.

 Apr 18 2013: Fighting One Eyed Bears on Facebook- There is no guarantee that your Internet Explorer issue will get resolved any time soon. For those using other browsers, the game works great! I have considered having the game on our website in addition to having it on Facebook. This may ease the pain of disgruntled users attempting to access the game via Internet Explorer. Website news- We may be making upgrades to the website, but these changes may require users to have flash installed. Website account creation, not including wiki account creation, is still a work in progress.

 Mar 22 2013: Open Beta for United States and Canada for Fighting One Eyed Bears™ will begin April 2013.

 Feb 2 2013: The first completed flash game is currently in closed beta testing status.

 Jan 14 2013: Our first flash game is completed. The date of the beta phase will be announced at a later time.

 Jan 7 2013: We started on a new game, the other two will be worked on again as soon as the third one is done. We are making a third one, which is smaller, so everybody can get a feel for our game a lot sooner. It will be free and no account needed. We are hoping to be making a downloadable version someday (which may cost a dollar or something). Again the flash version will be free. It is half-way done at the moment. That is the best progress we have made out of all our games so far.

 Oct 2 2012: I know everybody has been waiting a while for my first game to come out, but it is not easy to work a full-time job (outside my business) and do my own business (Kattner Games) at the same time. Be patient with us and you will be pleased with the end result. The game is coming along real well as it has co-op and pvp capability. We also have 3 out of 16 character-types completed so far.

 Jul 14 2012: When calling me, please leave a message in my voicemail or send me a text message. I do not always answer my phone. As of pertaining to the progress of the arena game, we currently only have one character finished completely. The other ones are still being worked on (animation-wise) -Jakob

 May 8 2012: We have good news! Programming for the arena game should be finishing in two weeks or sooner. We will continue working on the character animations once programming is complete.

 Mar 6 2012: The game development will be finishing hopefully by either the last week of March or the first week of April - that is if things go according to plan. Businesses do have bumps in the road from time to time. We are working on avoiding those bumps as best as possible. Once development finishes and the game is sent out to be copyrighted we will begin beta testing with the public.

 Feb 28 2012: We have already completed the menus and buttons for our game coming out in late March. Further character development and animations will begin on March 5th.

  Feb 10 2012: Our company is now Kattner Games LLC. We will try to update the website pages with our new name as soon as possible. Also, our second game is making a lot of progress. If you presently using the link audacious-games.com, please use kattnergames.com instead.

 Feb 6 2012: The first game will not be available until January 2013. We will try to make a second game that is simpler to make up for the long wait. We are not sure whether it will be downloadable or flash yet.

Jan 28 2012: Game availability has been postponed until March 2012. You will also notice some website changes occurring on the international pages around February 5, 2012. The site will have a new domain name sometime in February.

  Jan 7 2012: We had a story idea for a future cartoon that we came up with while we were working on our upcoming medieval game.


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