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Game Age Requirement: Ages 10 and up. Accounts are FREE. Fighting One Eyed Bears Android App coming in the near future.               Create An Account

Quick Guide To Fighting One Eyed Bears

  1. Starting the Game
  2. How Each Phase Works
  3. Characters to Choose From
  4. Purchasing from the Store
  5. Items Found and How to Use Them
  6. Mouse Buttons Vs. The Keyboard
  7. Playing the Game in Cooperative Mode
  8. Achievements and Battle Scars
  9. Using the Options Menu

Starting the Game

There are two ways to start the game. You can play without saving or play with saving. Playing without saving requires no account and it is great for those unfamiliar with the game who want to just try it out. Playing with saving requires account creation and is best for those already familiar with the game or do not mind trying something new.

Now that you got past the first decision, the next step is choosing the language you want to see while in the game. Take note, you will repeat picking the language every time you play unless you select play game with saving. When the game is saved, it not only saves your accomplishments, it also saves the language you pick. Now, click the ready button to move on to the next part.

The fun part is picking a character. There are six bears to choose from in the beginning. Personally, I would recommend choosing either the brown bear or the blue bear when new to the game by using the arrows key or the left mouse button. Now that the bear has been picked click the ready button.

Congratulations! You made it to the actual game part! The first area is called The Lobby. Now, move your bear with either the mouse or the arrows keys to the gold arrow between two trees on the right side of the screen. Your bear will transfer to phase 1 for your first combat. We will discuss combat in the next section of the guide.

How Each Phase Works

There are a total of three phases in the game, one bonus area, a lobby, and a store area. The lobby was introduced in the previous section. It has instructions on what to do there in the lower left corner of the screen. The gold arrows seen in the place will take you to the store or to Phase 1. This is a perfect place to practice using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

The bonus level can be reached by the gold box with a gold arrow in it. Just step on the entrance to go there. The level has two setups, fighting bears and collecting berries. The setups picked are randomly selected as well as the bears and berries created in those setups. Pay attention to the timer in the upper right corner. If it runs out, you lose the challenge. The quicker you complete it, the more points you get as a reward.

Phase 1 is easiest phase. If a person can not get past the brown bear or the black bear, that means the person either did not pay attention to the tooltips that appear over the buttons, he did not read this guide, or he did not watch the tutorial videos. This is caused by persons being in a hurry to play a quick game and ignoring the instructions. Anyway, back on topic. Phase 1 has a bonus level and six bears to defeat. To beat it, it is very simple. Just use the resources available and take advantage of the bonus level when it pops. Make sure to not go to the bonus level until reaching level 5 at least (for fighting reasons). Collect as many berries as possible. Unless you are just trying to earn a battle scar, save up the berries for phase 3. To defeat the pink bear, which is the hardest bear in the phase by the way, throw a tree at it. Do not get too close though. Then, to make it even more easier, make a ramp to keep the pink bear from reaching you. Afterwards, create a boulder to damage the bear even more. The pink bear will be so weakened you will be able to defeat it in a one or two hits. Remember, this based on using the brown bear. Other bears may vary in strategy. Another tip, remember to heal frequently after each battle done and before entering a bonus level.

Phase 2 is somewhat difficult. Yes, it is possible to beat solo mode (but battle scars being obtained are recommended). The trick is to have both trees on the left side of the game for the end guy. Remember, the bigger the tree is, the more damage it does. Raw damage boosts damage dealt by trees as well. There is no point in placing ramps for the end guy except to slow him down. Boulders are useful, but you will have to be really fast as, once again, the ramps only slow him down. It is highly recommended to have a second player available to beat this phase. Once person needs to hit the light source while the other player does the combat part of it. Otherwise, it will require a lot of memorizing where everything is in the dark. The key to all the phases is to weaken the foe so they will start running away. This applies to the purple bear especially.

Phase 3 is extremely hard. Brace yourselves for this one. Water? What water? There is no water source to drink out of as it is frozen solid. Berries? Yes, but very hard to find. Breaking the trees made of crystal (or ice if you prefer that) will create two random berries for each tree. Leveling up is near impossible here as well. The beginning bears are pretty simple. The hard part is upon reaching the blue bears and the purple bears. You thought the pink bear was tough in phase 1 and the final bear, the purple bear, in phase 2 were tough. These new bread of bears are ridiculous. The blue bears take a lot of hits to beat and 50% decrease to make them run does not apply. Some of them have to be brought down to 25%. The purple bears are tons of health and do crazy damage as well. Are they beatable? Yes, the blues are beatable. The purple bears are beatable if playing two player. I, myself, have not beaten them in solo mode. When I say purple bears, I mean all three purple bears and not just one or two. Yes, Phase 3 has three bears going after you and then ending of it has four bears. If you can't beat the black bear in phase 1, there is no way in heck you will win the game in phase 3. Master your skills in phase 1 first. Phase 3 is a no newbie's aloud area. Experts only.

Characters to Choose From

There are six bears to choose from at startup. Three other bears can be unlocked from purchasing them in the store. We will discuss all nine bears in this section. This will reveal not only what the bears can do, but also the best strategy for playing them.

The first bear is the famous brown bear. This is the most commonly used bear as it is already selected at startup. It is very useful for new players as its strength is high health. Its unfortunate weakness is speed. The trick to overcoming the bear's weakness is to click the run button or by reaching level 9. Make sure to pay attention to stamina though. As the bear levels up, he can take a beating all the way through to the end of phase 2. Make sure to take advantage of bonus levels. The more he levels up, the more health he has.

The second bear is the black bear. This bear does pretty good claw damage, which is good because our favorite hitting sound is clawing anyway. The downside is he does not have good health to start out with. Recommendation for this bear is to get the brown battle scar first.

The third bear is the white bear. This bear is good at biting and is able to climb over ramps. This makes it easier for those who love to place ramps to prevent enemies from reaching them. Unfortunately, he has low body hide. Body hide is probably more important than health. You have a better chance of making it through phase 1 with the black bear than with this guy. Recommendation is to get at least the blue battle scar first.

The fourth bear is the yellow bear. This bear sucks big time. He can be pretty powerful in phase 2 though and after obtaining level 9. The only recommendation is do not play him until getting five battle scars first. In other words, save him for last.

The fifth bear is the hard-as-a-rock blue bear. Why is this bear great for beginners? Well, he can take more of a beating than the brown bear. Not only does he have high body hide and stamina, he is highly resistant to being sick. Very useful bear for phase 2 especially. Be careful, this bear is not so good at clawing. Recommendation is to get the black battle scar to improve clawing. Otherwise, you will have to rely on biting instead.

The sixth bear is the all powerful pink bear. Yes, this is everybody's most feared bear in phase 1. As she levels up her amount of damage dealt gets ridiculous. To top things off, her damage increase is raw damage. She can claw through the blue bear's body hide like it was thin paper. What can beat the pink bear? The answer is another pink bear or the purple bear.

The bonus bears are the purple bear, the crystal bear, and the green bear. These are special bears. The purple bear is more powerful than the pink bear. He does tons of damage and has huge amount of health. I got as far as phase 3 with this guy. If a newbie purchased this guy, phase 1 and phase 2 would be a breeze for them. The green bear on the hand is the equivalent of the brown bear, but with the ability to cause sicknesses. The crystal bear is a secret and meant for players to experiment with.

Purchasing from the Store

Well, once you get coins from earning them in the game or buy purchasing them via paypal, you can buy stuff in the game. One feature presently available is purchasing bonus bears. The green bear is about 3 coins I think, the purple bear is 5 coins, and the crystal bear is 10 coins. If I am incorrect on the costs, let me know. Once entering the store, go to the item you wish to purchase. Pick it up with button you use for picking up trees. Afterwards, go to the store keeper, which is a purple bear. Push the pick up item button again and it will drop the item onto the store keeper. If it has not be purchased before, the item will disappear and your coins will decrease. Congratulations! You just purchased your first item.

Items Found and How to Use Them

Well, the most common items to find are berries. You can, however, use trees and boulders as well. To get berries, you just walk over the berry and it will be added to your inventory. If it does not add, just stop on top of the berry instead. In the game, there grapes, blueberries, red berries, and black berries. Grapes heal 10 health, blueberries heal 5 health, red berries restore lost body hide and black berries heal health to maximum, increase the health by 10 permanently and cure sickness.

What are trees and boulders used for? Trees are items that you pick up and throw at enemies. Damage dealt is based on raw damage and claw damage. Boulders have to be rolled over ramps to do damage. Damage for a boulder is based on raw damage and speed. The faster you move, the more damage it is does. Good perk for the yellow bear. Who would benefit the most out of trees and boulder? You guessed it, the all powerful pink bear and the purple bear.

Mouse Buttons Vs. The Keyboard

The keyboard functions are listed in the help document that is in the game. The keyboard is actually a lot easier to use than the mouse and defeating foes is a lot quicker. Even though there is one bug in the tutorial, in the beginning part of it, when pressing an arrow key that is not the up arrow key. The tip for movement is to use the numberpad on the right side of the keyboard, so the character is able to move diagonal.

The mouse is mostly for those that feel uncomfortable using a keyboard or do not wish to memorize a bunch of keys to play the game. To play the game via the mouse, you will use the control panel at the bottom of the game for your bear's actions. The buttons in the control panel, stated in order, are the: claw button, bite button, drink button, blue berry button, red berry button, black berry button, grapes button, pick up items button, create ramps button, create boulders button, run button and destroy ramps button. To move around the screen, just click on the area where you want the bear to go. If the bear is not cooperating or keeps moving, then click again to stop his rebellious nature. The bears are easier to tame with the keyboard than with the mouse unfortunately. And yes I have beat phase 1 while using the mouse.

Playing the Game in Cooperative Mode

Our co-op mode is local co-op. We will would love to have it has online multiplayer, but that is just not going to happen at present. There are other alternatives to playing the game with online friends though such as sending gifts to each other (which requires an account). To, however, play it in local coop, just click the Add Player 2 button at the top of phase 1 or phase 2. Note: The button will appear after defeating the brown bear first. To exchange berries with each other, hold 2 and 9 at the same time while both bears are next to each other. Probably easier if one player presses 2 while the other presses 9. To agree on the exchange, both players must click "done". Use the arrows in the exchange box to move berries from bear to another.

Achievements and Battle Scars

"I see something gaining an achievement on the bottom of my screen. Huh?" What that means is you gain an achievement. You ask where do you see your achievement?! Well, exit your current phase or area and go to the character selection screen and press the options button. If you don't want to lose your hard-earned progress, hold down ctrl and f7 at the same time to get the options menu. Select the button that states Achievements. There you have it! You can now see your achievements.

You earn achievements from completing the requirements on the achievement list. For the expert player, there are also extreme achievements. When you complete an achievement, you get an achievement battle scars and sometimes earn a game coin. Achievements also give out bonus points while playing the game to make it easier for new players. Unfortunately, once an achievement is earned, the points for it are not given a second time. This will cause the game to seem to get harder each time the player plays the game. So make sure you earn achievements with a bear you know will get through phase 1 the first time around.

Battle scars are a good back up for when achievement point are not being given as frequently as they use to. A battle scar is a permanent boost for all your bears that you play. Each battle scar relates to the bear it was earned from. And the battle scars get more powerful as you get past each phase. Phase 1 is just the normal battle scar. But it improves upon reaching phase 2. Yes, completing phase 3 has a secret reward as well for both solo mode and coop mode. Yes, you heard it! Player 2 can unlock the co-op battle scars in phase 2 as well as obtain the secret reward in phase 3. Read your achievements list to figure it how to do it.

Using the Options Menu

Just when you thought the game got simpler. There are more complexities for those guru gamers out there. Once beating the game or for those who just want to try something different, there is an option for saving the character's level. What?! You thought the bears had to start over at level 1 time, but now find out you were wrong?! Yes, you have been proven wrong if you read this far in the guide. Open up your Options Menu by clicking the Options button in the character selection screen. Remember Timer Mode and Start at Level One buttons will be locked once the game play has been started. They can only be changed here. Click on Start At Level One and it will change to Start At Saved Levels. Remember, you will need an account with Kattner Games for this to work. Now, you can start at your highest level attained in the game for that particular. All the bears start at their own levels; they do not share level gains.

Timer mode is for those who want to be timed for the game. When the time runs out in the phase, your character dies and you lose the game. The advantage, other than having a challenge, is you gain achievements from this mode.

Music On is self explanatory. It turns the music on and off for those who tire of my magnificent masterpieces and want to play music from their media players

The "No Tutorial Music" button makes it so you can have music while do the tutorial. You can pick three songs from it so far. They are from Phase 2, Phase 3, and the bonus level.

This guide to Fighting One Eyed Bears was originally created by Jakob A. Kattner, August 26, 2013.

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